VIP 5-Star Service

Vince Tiller Dentistry transforms
routine, necessary health care
into a comfortable and pleasant experience

We're delighted
to make your acquaintance!

On occasion our guests have commented that our center looks more like a plush hotel lobby than a dental waiting area. And that description pleases us. Our goal is total, complete, VIP 5-Star Service for you, while you are in our care. At Vince Tiller Dentistry, we believe that your comfort should come first.

We completely believe that healthcare is vital and necessary to the well-being. But it needn't be uncomfortable. So while you're with us, why not kick off your shoes and relax.

When it is time for your treatment, you'll love our VIP 5-Star Service in the Treatment Area!

During your treatment, you'll have the chance to watch cable television. Your personal remote will allow you to surf the cable channels.

Every possible effort will be made to make this the most pleasant experience possible. we will present you with a steaming hot, lemon-scented cotton face cloth to freshen up, and lip balm to freshen your lips. And, if you're in the mood, we have an exquisite sampling of fresh-baked cookies. Dentistry needn't be anything but a pampered, pleasant experience...the 5-Star VIP way.

We are eager to serve you. We are sure you will be pleased with the treatment as well as the way you are treated. Reach us at (423) 968-1213, by fax, (423) 764-0162. If it's more convenient, our e-mail is We look forward to having you as our guest.

Best wishes,

Vince Tiller